About Me

My purpose is to help resolve, for our animals, body-related problems, whether they are performance problems, problems related to training, riding or competition, to health, to behavior, or even sometimes physical problems related to their bonds with their guardians.  I use information from diverse areas: medical biology and biomechanics, the richly varied techniques of bodywork and massage, horsemanship, and behavioral understanding.  I am on a wonderful journey, always continuing to learn ways to apply hands, skills and intuition influenced by education and horsemanship to do body work which helps animals and their owners live better.

The education given to me in science was a privileged one, with much exposure to the most brilliant and visionary researchers of our time, in a rare atmosphere.  My lifelong fascination and attraction has been animals and everything about animals from physiology to behavior, and the nature of the bond we have with them.  For me learning never ends, and I am privileged now to combine my interests in working with the special companions who share our lives.

A 40 year history with my own dogs (to date many Siberian huskies and whippets, a Bouvier, a giant schnauzer, a Jack Russell terrier, and one fabulous Lab/Rottweiler mix) in breeding and showing, training, and performance is combined with 25 years of horses, pursuing traditional knowledge of the correct athletic development of the riding horse, (called simply  'dressage', a French word for 'training').  As a necessary part of that pursuit, the exploration of biomechanics became a driving interest. For me, this is the way to approach animal bodies with an understanding that brings together experience and specialized knowledge.  (A colony of five feral cats shares my life in an important way, orphaned flying squirrels have been adopted for re-release, a Mynah helped me find little dots on the page all through graduate school and beyond.)

All of this means little without a 'touch'.  In 1998 a horse with a neurological disease began teaching me about touch, and then others began asking me to 'have a look' at their horses.  Every horse had something to teach me, and every horse still does.  I like to say that this is the most fun I have ever had. It has been my full-time preoccupation to learn everything I can about using touch with animals; continually thinking about how the knowledge and teaching available can give us understanding of what it is to live with animals, of being responsible for their well-being.  This includes understanding their bodies and supporting our performance horses and dogs through techniques which foster correct movement, balance, and longevity.  The power of touch working through the neurological, the biomechanical, the deep brain and its responses - it is a huge subject, with many facets which we are just beginning to understand.

What follows is a partial list of education and training which have been part of the learning so far.


partial list

Research Specialist, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
in the University of Washington

National Institutes of Health Postdoctoral Fellowship

Ph.D. 1972
The Rockefeller University
  New York, New York 

B.A. 1967
University of Minesota
      Phi Beta Kappa     


Licensed Massage Practitioner Program
BodyMind Academy
Bellevue, Wa.

Washington State Licensure for Massage Practice
Large Animal Endorsement
Small Animal Endorsement
August 2002

Co-instuctor, Large Animal Curriculum
Northwest School of  Animal Massage

Continuing Education Module in Myofascial Release
Deane Juhan

Continuing Education Program in Myofascial Release
Gregory Bolton, LMP
Education Director, BodyMind Academy
Bellevue, Wa.

Equine Myofascial Release Intensive
Jim Pascucci, Certified Advanced Rolfer
Golden, Colorado

Mentorship in Structural Integration
Joseph Freeman, Certified Heller Worker

Equine Gross Anatomy
Deb Bennett, Ph.D.
Academy of Equine Dentistry
Glenns Ferry, Idaho

Equine Acupressure
Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute
Parker, Colorado

Pathology of the Equine Foot
Michael Savoldi, D.V.M.
University of California Pomona

Equine Physical Therapy I
Leslie and Duncan Kerfoot
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Canine Massage, Levels I and II
Integrated Touch Therapy, Inc.
Patricia Whalen-Shaw, L.M.P., L.A.M.P.

Canine Sports Massage
Healthy Touch for Animals
Martha Jordan, L.M.P., S.A.M.P.

Lymphatic Drainage
Dale Perry, L.M.P.
Northwest School of Animal Massage
Redmond, Wa.

EndoTapping for Health and Performance
Jean Philippe Giacomini
Trophaeum Mundi Institute

Reiki Levels I and II
Animal Reiki
Winged Horse Farm
Diana Brown, Reiki Master

Sports Massage for Horses
Equine Unlimited Equine Massage

Sport Horse Conditioning and Heart Rate Monitoring
Hilary Clayton, D.V.M., Ph.D.

First Aid for Small Animals
The Red Cross

Equine First Aid
Northwest School for Animal Massage