Myofascial Release

One of my strongest interests is the role of the 'myofascia' (the connective tissue surrounding muscle and connecting it to bones, organs, skin) in creating or allowing ease of movement in the body.

Myofascia is a very elegant tissue with a pretty sophisticated role - it is very alive and reacts in order to compensate for events in the body.  Wear and tear, injury, age, and other challenges can cause fascia to become limiting.  The resolution of physical problems, including problems of movement, through techniques known as myofascial release, is an art.

The overall structure of the body and the way it moves is partly determined by the state of the fascia.  Because of this, the old maxim 'conformation is 70% posture' is something to keep in mind with the horse.  Posture is the way he stands - it is easy to demonstrate the changes in several traits of conformation using techniques which work through the myofascia as well as the muscle balance across the joints.

A number of the trainings and studies I have pursued have focussed on myofascial release, sometimes called structural integration when it is done in a comprehensive manner.

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